Medicare for All

A majority of Americans experience lapses in coverage or have insurance that does not adequately cover their health needs. I believe the Medicare for All Act is the best way to fix this injustice and I will fight for that policy.

Green New Deal

We are in a global climate crisis. Our window of opportunity to combat this crisis is rapidly closing. I believe it is urgent to pass a Green New Deal in order to build a green economy and give Americans high paying jobs.

Organized Labor

Organized labor is under attack in America and especially in Indiana. I will fight for a national ban on Right to Work laws which are meant to weaken collective bargaining. I will also fight for robust labor protections in all trade negotiations in order to combat abuses such as steel dumping and currency manipulation.

Public Education

Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy and it is under attack in our country. I will fight to use Federal dollars to fully fund our public schools, raise teacher pay, give Pre-K to every child, and make public college and trade school affordable for every American.

Holding the President Accountable

We have a president who is undermining our democracy and does not respect the rule of law. As a member of Congress, I will fight to ensure that this and any president is held accountable for their abuses to the greatest appropriate extent. I have always supported the impeachment of our current president because some things are more important than politics.