You can now submit your application to vote by mail online without needing any reason to vote absentee. To vote by mail, your online application must be received by May 21, 2020 and your ballot must be received by your county before Noon on Election Day.

Visit the Indiana voter registration site at and enter your information:

  1. Click the “Vote by Mail or Traveling Board” button.
  2. Click the “Visit my Voter Portal” button. Enter your name, verify your address, and birth date.
  3. You will then be in your voter profile. If on a desktop, on the left side of your screen you will see “Absentee Voting” in the grey drop-down menu. If on a mobile device, click the drop-down menu (the 3 lines above your name in the grey area).
  4. Click “Absentee Voting” and choose “Vote by Mail” or “Por Correro” for the Spanish version.
  5. This will take you to the electronic form where you will confirm your mailing address for the ballot.
  6. Select “Democratic Ballot.”

You’re done! You will receive your ballot and voting instructions in a few days. The deadline for your ballot to be received by your county is before Noon on Election Day so vote for Jim and send your ballot back as soon as possible! If you need assistance or have any questions, contact us here.